Continuing Care Retirement Community

Continuing Care Retirement Communities(CCRCs) are retirement communities that offer assisted living, accommodation for independent living, and care in nursing homes. An aging adult can spend the remainder of his/her wonderful life peacefully in a CCRC. In these CCRCs, they receive quality home and medical care, which makes their life even better.

Life in old age can be challenging, but it is made much easier and even fun with the help of CCRCs.

A Continuing Care Retirement Communities(CCRCs) is referred to as a life plan community.

CCRCs offer a different kind of aging experience to their residents. Most clients wish to age peacefully in their place; hence CCRCs offer their services to such clients or even those that aren’t in their original homes.

If a person wants to move just once, CCRCs are the right option. Although they will have to move away from their original residence, the feeling is the same as in their actual home residence.

It’s essential to closely examine the different services offered by different CCRCs, their costs, contractual obligations, and their possible benefits and disadvantages.

What Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A retirement community must offer nursing home care, assisted living, and independent living services all on the same premises.

Living spaces at the CCRCs include apartments, townhouses, clusters, cottages, duplexes, and houses, depending on the community.

Most CCRCs feature:

1. Social events and outings such as museums or theaters, sporting activities, dancing competitions, food festivals, and color splash festivals.
2. Swimming sessions and other outdoor activities
3. Gyms
4. Centres of activities
5. A Common dining area

Other names used to refer to CCRCs include:

• Continuing care communities.
• Lifetime communities.
• Life plan communities.
• Lifecare communities.

What To Look For In A CCRC Facility.

The Commission should accredit the CCRC on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities(CARF), which is the only accrediting institution in the country for continuing care retirement communities. The accreditation keeps crooks off and ensures the aging residents have the best of their time at the centers.
The accreditation of the institute has been renewed every five years.
During the five years, an annual and reporting process has to be submitted.

Factors to keep in mind when visiting CCRCs.

1. What takes place when the nursing home and assisted living facilities are full?
2. Does the retirement community have an agreement of reciprocity with nearby neighborhoods?.
3. Are the staff well trained? Are criminal background checks conducted on the team?
4. Is the staff-to-patient ratio satisfying?
5. Is the CCRC safe, well maintained, and clean?
6. Is there a memory impairment service unit at the CCRC?
7. Are residents involved in the decision-making process of the organization?
8. Do residents have roles to play in the organization?
9. Is the atmosphere at the CCRC a casual atmosphere or a formal environment.?

Please do your best to explore all activities on and off-campus, their social events, and health and wellness activities.

Apart from only looking at independent living quarters, also look into nursing home facilities and assisted living institutions.

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