Skilled Nursing


Skilled Nursing

A Definition Of Skilled Nursing Care

When people talk about skilled nursing, they also use the terms nursing home and assisted living. However, all of these terms refer to different things.

A nursing home is a skilled nursing home or building where the patients get professional nursing care and assisted living.

Seniors who don’t require 24/7 care but still require help with their ADLs are suited for assisted living. ADLs refer to daily living activities, including showering, taking medications, waking up and getting out of bed, eating, and more.

Only licensed nurses can perform skilled nursing care. It is usually done in skilled nursing facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, Life Plan communities, assisted living communities, etc. The Department of Health in the U.S entirely regulates this type of nursing facility, same with the Medicare and Medicaid Services. So, skilled nursing centers need to be certified by the CMS by fulfilling very particular criteria. They must also undergo regular inspections and checks to ensure that all standards are approved.

Types of Services Offered at a Skilled Nursing Facility

If someone you care for suffers from heart, kidney, or respiratory illness, stroke, and surgery, then this facility is the best rehabilitation for you. Suppose the doctor prescribes particular therapy such as physical therapy, specific medications, social services, etc. In that case, Medicare will foot the bill for the required skilled nursing services. With that said, qualification would only give if you visit a professional nursing community already certified by Medicare.

Occupational Therapy

This is assistance with adapting to different environments and help with tasks such as getting dressed. It also includes exercises to improve coordination and improve memory.

Physical Therapy

After going through hospitalization, sickness, or even major or minor surgery, a physical therapy team creates a rehabilitation plan for you to achieve optimum health and well-being.

Speech Therapy

This deals with issues with communication and swallowing. In this type of therapy, language and speech pathologists create a plan to improve language capabilities, diet, communication, etc.

Skilled nursing benefits are pretty comprehensive. They offer speech pathology, language pathology, physical therapy, injections, vital sign monitoring, wound care, IV therapy, and more.

Some members of skilled nursing staff are:

  • RNs (Registered Nurses)
  • Medical directors
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Audiologists
  • Speech pathologists
  • Vocational nurses (licensed)

Transfer agreements with the hospital must also exist if a patient needs emergency treatment or care.

Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home

  • Is it possible for you to see your loved one there?
  • What do you genuinely think of the facility?
  • How are the staff? Do they seem happy to help and serve the residents?
  • How are the residents? Do they appear to be happy and well taken care of?
  • Is the facility clean?

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